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Selling Eastside homes since 1992, I know the Bellevue/Eastside home market like no other. As a Bellevue resident since 1977, I have extensive knowledge of schools, parks, neighborhoods and activities in and around Bellevue. Along with my wife Christine, we have sold many of the finest Eastside homes. Being parents of 2 small children, we know what it takes finding the perfect home for families relocating to the area. We eliminate all the guess work so you can focus on that dream home. Feel free to contact me anytime. whether you have a question about real estate or just want to get familiar with the area. 206-261-SELL|(7355)

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Aabha and Sid Sharma

“Paul and Christine were the best home agents we could have. We were so lucky to find them. They were able to get us our dream at a throw away price. Both of them are so flexible, willing to help, walk you through the process and available at all times. Paul came to show us homes while Christine was in labour at the hospital. This is their dedication to what they do. We are first time home buyers so everything was foreign and strange. The process of buying a home itself is overwhelming..We had fallen in love with a home in Issaquah highlands that we wanted to buy. We put in an offer, for which Paul yet our bid came in low by at least $25,000 than the price the home was sold for. We felt really bad. The home sold at a ridiculous price. Paul advised it was not worth paying so much money for that home. He and Christine joked that they are going to find us a home we liked for a lot less just like they found theirs. Another home got listed in the same community. It was similar to the home we had liked. But the owner was still thinking about selling it and was just testing the waters. We saw the home and loved it, but thought it would be unaffordable since the previous one sold at a high rate. Christine called the owners and convinced them that we were really interested and would be willing to buy it at their terms and conditions. Paul joked that we would have this home for a lot less than the one that sold across the street. We weren't thinking that was going to happen. Not only did that happen but Paul and Christine were able to convince the owners to sell and at a price that we could afford. The owners were difficult and needed a lot of follow up. Christine managed to work through this. The owners did not want to go with an agent and despite that Paul and Christine worked with the owners and us navigating everyone through the process. We put in an offer for $725,000 and our home appraisal came in at $745,000. We were actually able to afford a valuable property for a lot less due to Paul and Christine's hard work. The owner did not formally accept offers or do an open house and we were able to buy it from them off the market. They were also able to work out a deal where we could rent the home for a little while to the owner as they needed a place to stay for a little bit. Our lease had not expired so this was great as we did not have to break our apartment lease ad worked out well for the owner as well. They helped with the rental agreement and drafted that as a clause in buying the home. Paul and Christine are like family to us as they advised us and helped us buy our very first home at a reasonable price. They showed us many homes and sent us listings and kept following up. If it wasnt for Paul we would have not found this home. Thanks Paul and Christine. You are a fabulous team”

Aabha and Sid Sharma

Above and Beyond!!

Mary White

“Paul and Christine have lots of patience and are very considerate, which are great traits to have in the real estate biz. They certainly goes the extra mile, and I will certainly always recommend him as a great agent for either buyers or sellers.”

Mary White

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